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Because the Founders are Educationists

Dr. Raghava Prakash

Patron:-Parishkar Institute of Education

Dr. Raghava Prakash is the Chairperson of Vidya Vihar Society which runs PIC. He is also the Director of Parishkar Coaching Institute and Parishkar College of Global Excellence. He is a well-known name in the field of Hindi Grammar and Literature with a Ph.D. in Hindi and a Gold Medalist in M.A. He has mentored thousands of students for competition exams like: IAS, RAS, PSI, NET and teachers. Along with managing, teaching and coaching he is also a prolific writer.

He is keenly involved in lot of research from last 49 years in Teaching Pedagogy.He also has to his credit more than 25 books on literary criticism, Hindi grammar, drama and interview techniques.

Dr. Savita Paiwal

Director:-Parishkar Institute of Education

Dr. Savita Paiwal, the Chairperson of Sarokar Sansthan, the Society operating Parishkar College of Global Excellence and Parishkar Institute of Education is Ph.D in Hindi and M.A.in Hindi, Sociology, History & Education. She has mentored thousands of students who are serving the society with dedication for social cause, professional performance and human values. She has 14 years of experience of teaching UG classes and 10 years of PG classes. She has also 12 years of experience as a teacher-trainer and counsellor for women empowerment. She also has to her credit 8 books on Hindi Language and Literature.